Chop Chop! – Akwaaba Music

Akwaaba Music, the label founded by French DJ/crate digger Benjamin Lebrave celebrates its two year anniversary this week. Over the past two years Lebrave has put together over two dozen releases presenting a wide spectrum of contemporary, old and traditional music from across Africa.

To celebrate two years since the first release Akwaaba is offering a “Super Release” of 50 tracks which encapsulate what the label is all about featuring some Kenyan hip-hop, instrumental Kuduro, Cameroonian reggae, classic Angolan semba and a whole lot more. You can download the whole release for the bargain minimum price of $10 from Akwaaba Music’s bandcamp site and if you like what your hear then definitely go and check out all the other releases on their site, an insight into contemporary music from across the African continent.

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