Tropic All!

Mexico’s Tropic All collective this week release their first compilation Folclor available for free download from or via Soundcloud. The group brings together a host of Mexican producers from across the country such as Acorde On, María y José and Los Macuanos. The compilation is a look into a group of artists creating fresh Mexican electronica mixing styles like Tribal Guachero, Electro, Mexican Cumbia, Dubstep, Folklore and non-existent genres like “Cumbiaton” (see Moombathon). Diverse.

There are obvious comparisons to ZZK Records in Argentina, especially given some of the artists leanings towards the incoproration of traditional Mexican music and fusing it with electronica and beats but Folclor presents a diverse slice of contemporary Mexican sounds and hopefully Tropic All, as a collective, will go from strength to strength!

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