Rhythm ‘n’ Roots Volume VII

The time has come once more to collect all the musical gems of late and put them together in a patchwork of sounds. Rhythm ‘n’ Roots Volume VII stretches across 16 countries, a handful of languages and genres and consists of mashups, reworks, originals all centred round 90-115bpm. You can listen through Mixcloud below or you can download from Mediafire here. There is a more detailed track listing with countries and links after the Mixcloud. Enjoy!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.988624&w=425&h=350&fv=feed%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fapi%2F1%2Fcloudcast%2FEl_Buho%2Frhythm-n-roots-volume-vii.json%26amp%3Bembed_uuid%3Dd92cc264-ce64-4013-bab3-c28b1977f64c%26amp%3Bembed_type%3Dwidget_standard]


  1. DJ Raff – I need a Beat (Feat. Maca Melendez)  (Chile)
  2. Stereotyp – Beta Move vs Swagger Barefoot Instrumental (Austria)
  3. Lunice – Freaky (Canada) vs Da Weasel  – Um Dia Destes (Portugal)
  4. Ukamau y Ké – América Latina (Bolivia)
  5. Stereotyp – Estamos Cool (Feat. Jigsaw) (Austria/Colombia)
  6. Son D AK– Shoke (Colombia)
  7. Sabbo – Newtone (Isarael)
  8. Latinsizer – Libelula (Tremor Remix) (Argentina)
  9. Erick Rincon – Todos a Bailar (Mexico)
  10. Schlachthofbronx – Nasty Bass (Feat. Spoek Mathambo & Bigspace) (Germany, South Africa)
  11. DJ Djeff – Elegom Bounsa feat. Maskarado (Main Mix) (Angola)
  12. Teezy & Zeppy – MTP Riddim (Poland)
  13. Distal & HxdB – Typewriter Tune (USA & Canada)
  14. Waya Waya – Nomada (Mexico)
  15. Norrit – N Gbekinho (Martin Kemp Remix) (USA & UK)
  16. Creep – Days (Deadboy Remix) (USA & UK)
  17. Koreless – Up Down Up Down vs Brick and Lace – Love is Wicked (UK & Jamaica)
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