DJ Raff

DJ Raff is a Chilean DJ and producer now living in Barcelona. He produces in the Machine Drum/Glitch Mob/Lucky Me! vein of experimental hip-hop/electronica/dubstep/anything goes. There are a good handful of really great tunes available for free download from his blog Ritmonauta. One of my personal favourites is 2 Fast:

DJ Raff, alongside groups like Panteras Negras and La Pozze Latina, also played an important role in the burgeoning Chilean hip-hop scene in the 1990s. Chilean hip-hop is has one of the most respected legacies in Latin America. He since worked with some of the biggest Chilean groups such as Chancho en Piedra and Los Tetas. There is a really great interview with DJ Raff (en espanol) on Concept Radio. His forthcoming disc “Collage Binari/Latino & Proud” will be released over the next few months through Mutante Discos in Chile and Nacional Records everywhere else. Here is a rather tasty little taster of what to expect:

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