Project:Mooncricle – Stroke Music

Project:Mooncircle, the Berlin based label with a genre mixing global outlook, has teamed uo with Stroke Artfair, offering a sampler to promote the forthcoming thrid edition of the ‘the world’s first and only Urban Art Expo.’ The expo, which takes place in Munich at the end of May, celebrates urban artforms such as street art, tattooing, advertising and graphic design. This free release, available for download from the label’s Bandcamp, is really top quality and shows what the label is all about, including tracks from the likes of Robot Koch, Killing Skills and fLako. Comes highly recommended.

Project: Mooncircle, started in 2002, has become known for its mix of futuristic electronic music encompassing hip-hop, dubstep, electronica, lo-fi, triphop and blurring the lines between them all. The visual is also central to the label’s aesthetic and it has become home to a number of graphic designers from across the world:

Graciela Maria – Many Places (Artwork: The Binh)
Lackluster presents: From The Shelves Of… (Artwork: Gordon & Die Dia)
Gregor Louden
Robot Koch – Listen to The Fade (Artwork: 44 Flavours)
Joe Kickass – Let Me Introduce (Artwork: Joe Kickass)

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