Sunday Mashup #1 – Lido Pimienta meets Daniel Klaüser

I have been trying to think of a catchy name for this new mini-feature but ultimately failed and stuck with the ‘Sunday Mashup’. Simple and effective. As the title may suggest, Rhythm ‘n’ Roots will henceforth publish a mashup every Sunday available for download for one week only. Mashups don’t have to mean simply putting an acapella over an instrumental but can be two songs fused together, two different genres, differing tempos etc. The aim is to create a new sound and a new song, moulded from two different sources, something like the above diagram…

Mueve Maré (Lido Pimienta vs Daniel Klaüser)

The first in the series brings together Chilean producer Daniel Klaüser’s Maré from his Riberalta EP (released through aforementioned Antartek Records) and afore-posted Colombian singer Lido Pimienta‘s Mueve from her Colores EP. Download expired but you can stream here and hit me up if you want a copy :)

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