Boogat – Pura Vida EP (Masalacism 004)

A slice of world-beat-hip-hop courtesy of Montreal’s Masalacism Records and MC Boogat. There are influences from all over the ‘global bass’ spectrum (Cumbia, Moombahton, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Electro…) united by quality production, including contributions from fellow Montrealer Poirier, and Boogat’s usual flowing MC style. You can stream a mini-mix of the EP below, download Dos Cervezas for free here and purchase the whole thing for only $4 from Masalacism’s store.

Boogat – Pura Vida EP (Masalacism004)

  1. Montrealesa (Boogat/Boogat)
  2. Dos Cervezas (Boogat/Poirier)
  3. El Hueso (Boogat/Poirier)
  4. Hey (Boogat/Nom De Plume)
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