Cantos Icaros (Masstrópicas)

This is something a bit special. In May this year our favourite purveyors of Peruvian pearls, Masstrópicas, recorded some performances of shamanic Cantos Icaros from the Peruvian selva. The recordings were performed by Sensacion Shipibo member Placido and will be released this week on limited edition (100 copies!) pro-dubbed casette.

Importantly, the release has been put together to raise funds for Placido and his family to build a new house after they were left homeless when their home burnt to the ground in August. Support a good cause and get five exclusive, magical, other-worldly Shibipo recordings for your collection.

The release is priced at $13ppd in the US and $18ppd to Europe and can be orderd by sending the amount to this paypal address:

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