Orquesta – Our Final Expedition (Mel 001)

ImageHave to say I was really looking forward to this one when it dropped in the inbox. I have been a fan of Orquesta’s limited output since the Dona Sandra EP featuring Zuzuka Poderosa¬†on vocals. The Irish producer has a fresh approach to the term “global bass”, melting wordly rhythms into electronica and pushing it in all sorts of different directions.

(MEL-001) Orquesta – Our Final Expedition EP Preview

Our Final Expedition, released on the 27th of March, will be the first release from Orquesta’s own new imprint Meles Meles (Latin for the European Badger!). Simplified, this is an EP inspired by space. More specifically, abstractions of Latin rhythms taken into out of the earth’s atmosphere. It is soft, glistening and definitely spacey. The EP wont smash any dancefloors but it doesn’t aim too, it is rather the soundtrack to a golden summer or a flight through space. Deconstructed Cumbia; guiros and shakers abound mixed into synths and bleeps, dem-bow rhythms and sub booms sit with inter-galactic¬†atmouspherics and floating vocals. In other words, all good! Watch this space for the release. Note, the cat sounds will not be in the final EP(!)

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