VA – For Whom the Cowbell Tolls (Electric Cowbell)

The latest digital compilation from Electric Cowbell, Brooklyn’s finest purveyors of 45RPM vinyl goodness, has to get the prize for the best album title of the month. A celebration of the humble cowbell, the album brings together Electric Cowbell’s last ten physical releases and makes them available for those of us who can’t get their hands on the originals.

The music spans all sorts of innovations and cross-pollinations between American and worldly styles. There is Karthala 72’s raw afro-psychedelia on opener ‘Dans Le Coeur Du Feu’, the funk of Malian diva Khaira Arby with the US band Sway Machinery, a brass band cover of ‘Take on Me’ from NO BS! Brass and tunes from “Brooklyn’s premiere two-trombone dub experience”, Super Hi Fi.

This compilation is a testament to the quality and diversity of music Electric Cowbell has been releasing over the past year. You can get it now on CD here or digitally via Amazon & iTunes. To find out a bit more about the label and why they decided to release music on the old school 45RPM format check out our interview with label head Jim Thomson.

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