Ojos de Brujo Reworked (UrbanWorld Records)

Hard to believe it has been nearly 13 years since Barcelonian “jipjop flamenkillo” rumberos Ojos de Brujo released their debut album Vengue. The band made a name for themselves for their mix of hip-hop with flamenco and rumba, a captivating live show and socially conscious lyrics. Though they split in 2010 amidst discord and an ensuing legal battle, our favourite Scandinavian purveyors of tropical delights, UrbanWorld Records have revisited the Ojos de Brujo back catalogue and will this week release Ojos de Brujo Reworked.

For the project, fellow Barcelona inhabitant and friend of the band Al Lindrum selected  five tracks from Ojos de Brujo’s six albums and offered them up to a team of global remixers. The stand out remixes come from Copia Doble Systema and Empresarios who do Ojos in digital cumbia style (including vocoded vocals!), Makala, subtly reworking Ventilaor R-80 a la Cuba, the deep dub version of Una Verdad Incomoda from Junkyard Productions and DJ Farrapo‘s dancefloor equipped Sultanas De Merkadillo. 

It is a pity this release is only limited to five of OdB’s endless resource of quality tracks but still some really well-done remixes on this album. Ojos de Brujo Reworked will be released on the 28th June via UrbanWorld Records and you can purchase it from all the usual suspects. On that note (and because I am just rediscovering it)…well worth checking out La Revancha en Cumbia (Gotan Project Cumbiafied), another album of now classic fusion music remixed.

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