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As Autumn dawns in the Northern Hemisphere we return with another selection of global treats for your earbuds. This is global music in its essence, songs that push borders and traverse genres, mixing folk with electronica, modernity with tradition. It is also music that will make your feet shuffle and your head nod. The perfect antidote to a cold, frosty morning or the adequate accompaniment to a warm, sticky Friday evening. Put it on loud and enjoy! Full tracklist after the jump.

  1. Barrio Lindo – La Cueva Feat. Chancha Via Circuito
  2. Tremor – Proa
  3. Nate Mars – Ziraffa
  4. Dubbel Dutch  – Ice Bath
  5. Criolo – Grajaeux
  6. DZC Crew – Txillo
  7. Dembowsky – Orinoco
  8. Valentina – Ladders (David E Sugar Remix)
  9. Chancha Via Circuito – Tarocchi
  10. Umoja – Rabia
  11. Dj Paparazzi – Mi Ma Bo
  12. Kofi Kinaata – Onnyi Chorus
  13. Thornato – Gaita Gaita
  14. Atropolis – Una Mezcal Costena Feat. Darwin Escorcia
  15. Les Rapaces – Bassoue (Uproot Andy Remix)
  16. Le Freak Selector – Ganja Coolture Feat. Zal
  17. Lura – Narina (Beatmax & Daferwa Remix)
  18. Son Palenque – Yo no puedo mas (Rafi El remix)
  19. Djeff – Kissange
  20. Sleepyhead – Nothing changes
  21. Bis Kdel – Azonto Ghost
  22. Son Palenque – Calabongo (Thornato Remix)
  23. Son Palenque – Esto Es Candela (Captain Planet Remix)
  24. El Búho – Charango
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