Lulacruza // Cucarachero de Niceforo


We are very excited to announce the first birds and musicians to star on Rhythm and Roots’ forthcoming album A Guide to the Birdsong of South America. We will be revealing the artists and their endangered birds one at a time from now until the end of the Kickstarter project so watch this space. For each of the posts we will give some background information on the bird itself followed by a brief introduction to the artist that will make a track inspired by this species and its special song.

The Bird – Cucarachero de Niceforo

Cucarachero de Niceforo

The Artist – Lulacruza

“Lulacruza weaves female vocals, South American instruments, found sound objects and field recordings through electronic manipulation. Primal songs which combine improvising, channeling and exploring acoustics and vibration. Their music unfolds as hypnotic prayers and electronic folk with nymph-like vocals; aquatic textures and up-tempo, handcrafted South American rhythms.” 

The Inspiration

“Nos gustó el canto del Cucarachero de Niceforo y luego vimos que es exactamente de la zona de donde es toda la familia paterna de Alejandra. Asi que es una alegria trabajar con este material.” – Lulacruza

“We liked the song of the Niceforo’s Wren and then we found out that the bird comes from the exact same zone where Alejandra’s paternal family came from. So it has been a delight to be able to work with this material.” – Lulacruza


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