For the second artist/bird from ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America‘ we take a trip to the plains of Argentina. Below you can find information about the bird species – El Cardenal Amarillo or the Yellow Cardinal, a bird which is undergoing a rapid decline, and Tremor, an Argentine band that will create a track inspired by the Cardenal’s song. The album will be released in September by Rhythm and Roots.

The Bird – El Cardenal Amarillo

El Cardenal Amarillo

The Artist – Tremor

“Tremor is a trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina that combines rhythms and sound across genres, presenting South American folklore in a digital context to a new, global audience. Their sound fuses electronic music with traditional South American rhythms and owes as much to anthropology as it does to popular music. Layers of rhythm are fortified with modern synth loops and paired with flautas andinas, strings and drum samples.” – Tremor

The Inspiration

“Nos sumamos a este proyecto porque nos pareció interesante, pero principalmente porque combina muchas cosas que amamos y en las que creemos : la naturaleza, la música, y el cuidado ambiental. El Cardenal Amarillo es un ave hermosa y con un canto muy particular e inspirador. Suena armonioso, pero por momentos nos recuerda a un sintetizador modular! Asi que era ideal para Tremor que explora con sonidos orgánicos y digitales por igual.”

Leo Martinelli, Tremor

“We got involved in this project not only because it seemed really interesting but because it combines many things we love and that we believe in: nature, music and protecting the environment. The Yellow Cardinal is such a beautiful bird with a very unique and inspiring song – it sounds so harmonious but sounds like a modular synth! The whole thing was ideal for Tremor’s explorations between organic and digital sounds.”

Leo Martinelli, Tremor


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