Rhythm and Roots – Volume 22


Welcome all to 2015! Here’s hoping it is going to be another spectacular year for music and wishing you all the best for what is to come.

To celebrate new beginnings, new sounds and global collaborations we have an episode lined up fit for the new year – filled with gems from all corners of the world. This episode see us feature two brilliant compilation albums released on the cusp of 2015: De Gulden Snede Vol. 3 from Amsterdam collective INI Movement and fellow global-digital crate diggers Cassette Blog‘s 4th anniversary album ‘Expedicion de Ritmos‘. You can listen below and find more information on the two albums and a full tracklist after the mix. Enjoy!


Featured Album #1 – De Gulde Snede Vol. 3

INI Movement have done it again. They have gone and blown our minds with another selection of diverse and quality music from producers you quite likely never heard of but now wish you had of. Celebrating the Amsterdam label / promoter and generally lovely collective’s 20th release, De Gulde Snede Vol. 3 features 19 tracks focussing on some the up and coming Dutch electronic sounds represented by the likes of Prace and Umoja alongside a few guest slots from the global family, including names like iZem.

INI Movement are not pinned down by genre (though you might call it ‘electronic explorations’), this is, in their words, “quality and feel über everything” and the album “a mesh of sounds seamlessly woven into a holistic entity by the underlying sense of soul embodied in the individual tracks.”

The album is available now via Bandcamp.

Featured Album #1 – Cassette Blog presents Expedición de Ritmos


Cassette Blog is one of the biggest Spanish language outlets showcasing the new trends, sounds and releases in the global music family, pushing the sounds mixing folk with modern electronica but also focussing on digital trends, art and innovation. Celebrating its 4th year this year the blog released another series of brilliant and very ambitious compilations at the end of 2014 featuring some of their favourite artists whose music has graced their page over the past few years. This mix includes a number of tracks from the latest compilation curated by Alfredo Araujo, Andrés Oddone and Pablo Borchi including tracks by familiar names from the South American scene such as Sidirum, Chancha Via Circuito, DJ Reaganomics, DJ Tide and Sr. Chancho.

The album is (amazingly) available for free download and you can grab it here.


Rhythm and Roots Volume 22




  1. DakhaBrakha – Pani
    2. Nicola Cruz x Donso [Baconhead Remix] x Santaolalla – (SidiRum Mashup)
    3. Feiertag – Family
    4. Ouska – relaxing beat for a tense period
    5. Coconutah – Sabbaye
    6. Amerigo Gazaway – Itsoweezee
    7. Chancha Via Circuito – Lamanai
    8. Maculelê De Marimba – Uaki (DJ Nirso Remix)
    9. Originais Do Samba – Falador Passa Mal (Bosq Rework)
    10. Dj Reaganomics – E boi
    11. Multi Culti – Mayan Voyager
    12. Umoja – Beatucada
    13. Mario Congo – Pasito Tun Tun (Chamigo Hugkleson Afro Bomba Rmx)
    14. Pavane – La danse de Daphnis
    15. Indian Wells – Alcantara
    16. Siete Catorce – Syncopate
    17. Multi Culti – Mushrooms on the Hill
    18. Doña Maria – Plantita (Lulacruza Remix)
    19. Praah – Ayahuasca (Rafaele Castiglione Remix)
    20. Aero Manyelo – Kharele
    21. DJ iZem – Water Ft. Segun Akano
    22. Grupo Raizes – Desentoado (Psilosamples remix)
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