The birds have landed

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It has been a long, winding journey but as I sit here watching the birds on my balcony in Mexico City it is inspiring to know ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America‘ has opened its wings and is flying around the world. The 10 track non-profit compilation released earlier this month highlights some of South America’s most endangered species, such as the Saíra Apunhalada or Cherry Throated Tanager, a species with only 30 – 200 individuals left in the wild.

How? Through music….

The project unites ten of the most exciting musicians and artists from Buenos Aires to Venezuela, artists that are fusing the sounds and rhythms of Latin America in a thoroughly modern context. Rhythm and Roots challenged each of them to take the song of one threatened bird from their country as the starting point for an original piece of music.

Our aim? To not only raise awareness about these birds, but also funds for those organisations, such as the Fundación Jocotoco working to protect and conserve the last homes of these magnificent species. It has been phenomenal to see the support flood in from around the world, starting with a 150% funded Kickstarter project and leading right up to today with people buying the album, giving more than the price on Bandcamp and inspiring us to push even further.

This is a work of collaboration and of collective creativity – from the musicians donating their time, creativity and songs, to the beautiful animation created for free for us by Tomás Pichardo-Espailla. From a crowd funded Kickstarter campaign to the incredible interpretations of these beautiful species by designer Scott Partridge,


With your support we can make sure the album goes even further and the enchanting songs of these captivating species reach far beyond their native forests, mountains and lakes.

Any support you can give, either by buying the album, tweeting the #BirdMusic hashtag or making a donation to the project would be so greatly appreciated and really, truly go to supporting those working on the ground to make a difference. With this album we wanted to bring a fresh approach to conservation and prove that exciting new music can not only break down sonic borders but also carry a meaningful message.

I truly believe creativity has an incredible potential to fuse with activism to help us build a different world, protect our planet and save the species we share it with.

Buy the album via Bandcamp

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One Comment on “The birds have landed

  1. Just bought your album on Bandcamp. Love it! Great idea. Keep up the good work and great music. Thank you. Will spread the word. Wishing you and your birds many happy days!


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