Rhythm and Roots – Volume 23



We are back! Rhythm and Roots Volume 23, another hour long episode of fresh music in new contexts from all over the world hosted by the wonderful Groovalizacion Radio.

There have been some fantastic releases since our last episode, a rich resource to draw on form this mix. In episode 23 we feature the second compilation from the exploding Brazilian based label Frente Bolivarista, aptly titled Frente Bolivarista Volume 2. This 19 track album features rhythms, sounds and inspiration from around the world (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Sweden, USA , South Korea, Peru, Italy and Uruguay!) We also feature some tracks from the latest albums from iZem and Montoya alongside new tracks from Nicola Cruz, Carrot Green, Siete Catorce and UMOJA. A global feast of musical delights!

Download here, read more about Frente Bolivarista’s latest release and check out the mix’s full track list below.

Featured Album – Frente Bolivarista Volume 2

Frente Bolivarista has made a stellar rise over the past six months to be one of the label’s to watch for the future of Latin America music. Alongside featuring releases from up and coming producers like Puelche, Thomash and, most recently, a unique collaboration between Buenos Aires cohorts Barda and Sidirum, Frente Bolivarista Volume 2 reads like a who’s who of Latin American spiced electronic music. The label has dug deep, featuring new names such as Nirso, Akimbo and Quixosis alongside some of the mainstays of the movement including Lulacruza, Cocotaxi and Captain Planet.

Brazil’s musical legacy has always seemed somewhat set apart from the rest of the continent but this album, alongside the growign links between booming Sáo Paulo and Buenos Aires, Quito or Lima shows that the tide is changing. It is indeed the becoming, and going even further than, the musical version of Bolivar’s dream: a global collaboration of new, inter infected, border hopping sounds shaping the future of Latin American music.


Rhythm and Roots Volume 23


  1. Umoja – Indiana
    2. iZem – Retratos
    3. Vertiqua – Garden
    4. Mashimon – Fuego
    5. Paranaue
    6. Baden & Vinicius (Billy Hoyle re-work) – Canto de Ossana
    7. Dotorado Pro – African Scream (Kizomba)
    8. Unknown Artist – Impala
    9. Montoya – Jai
    9. DJ Ground – Akagenorun
    10. Cocotaxi – Cactus
    11. Ricardo Gallardo – Agua de La Tierra (Nicola Cruz Remix)
    11. Carrot Green – Encanto
    12. Unknown Artist – 3
    13. Zoom Zoom (SC edit)
    14. Vruno – Murio el Pescador
    16. Carrot Green – Movimento (CG’s Tribute Rejoint)
    17. Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan (Vijay & Sofía remix)
    18. Oldtoy – The son and the Monkey
    19. Jamie XX – Girl
    20. Peter Power – Jungle Level
    21. Siete Catorce – nw1
    22. Castro – Cobwebs
    23. Bodwes3 – Abrew Borga feat. Kofi Kinaata & Ramz Nic
    24. Satori – The Wishing Spell Feat. Horrevorts (Acid Pauli Remix)
    25. benjha – Mandarax
    26. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains – Ayan Filé (Clap! Clap! Remix)
    27. iZem – L’Horloge
    28. Lulacruza – Casa Redonda
    29. Daniel Haaksman – Sabado Ft. Bulldozer (Aero Manyelo Remix)
    30. Siete Catorce – Paciencia
    31. Justo Betancort – Pa’ Bravo Yo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix)
    32. Gotye – Somebody that I Used to Know (El Búho Edit)

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