We did it! #BirdMusic raises $7,000 for conservation!

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Five months after Rhythm and Root’s first album “A Guide to the Birdsong of South America” was released (listen here if you haven’t already!) we have sold out of vinyl albums, received some incredible media coverage, are looking to organise our first live showcase later this year and have managed to raise over $7,000!

All this is thanks to you.

Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support the project received from all over the world. It would not have been possible without those early believers, backing the project on Kickstarter, it would not have been possible without the good will, time and creativity of the musicians, of the designers, sound engineer and vinyl producers. Last but by no means least it would not have been possible without all the people that bought the album, the T-shirt, the postcards, the posters or the vinyl and helped support the music and the project. If you would still like to support the project and help us raise even more money for protecting endangered birds in South America you can still purchase the album here or donate below via Paypal.

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Where will the money go?

The project aimed to bring together the freshest South American musical talent and challenge them to create a track inspired by the song an endangered bird from their country. All the proceeds would go towards conservation efforts to save these magnificent species. Since the very beginning we wanted this project to have a tangible, visible and practical output. Something direct that the money could go towards, a grassroots project in South America that could have a measurable impact on bird conservation in the region.

Fundación Jocotoco

Fundación Jocotoco is an Ecuadorian NGO that has been working to protect the habitat of globally threatened bird species in Ecuador since 1998. Their work focusses on protecting land from exploitation and managing it instead as an ecological reserve. The fundación has so far established ten reserves protecting some 30,000 acres of land in the country which are known to be home to over 800 species of birds, including 50 that are globally threatened or near-threatened and more than 100 are restricted-range or endemic species.


Perhaps the organisation’s most emblematic species is the organisation’s namesake, the enigmatic and enchanting Jocotoco Antpitta, also one of the stars from “A Guide to the Birdsong of South America”. The Tapichalaca reserve is the last stronghold of this bird and one of the key people helping to ensure it’s survival is the reserve’s chief ranger Franco Mendoza.

Working with the Fundación’s team in Ecuador we will be donating all of the proceeds from the album towards paying Franco’s salary for the next year, freeing up further funds within the organisation to support their important work across the country. We are in close contact with the Fundación staff to ensure the money is put to good use and we can report on how it is spent. We are very proud that, thanks to all your support, we are able to contribute to raising awareness about the plight of endangered birds in South America and ensuring species like the Jocotoco Antpitta have a future.

The next chapter…

Given the success of the project so far I am truly inspired. Inspired to build on this album and start working on the next chapter of “A Guide to the Birdsong of..”. So, watch this space and sign up below to be the first to hear about the next chapter in the series that unites new music with some of our planet’s most incredible birds, trying to save these magical songs from extinction.

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