A journey through the South American imagination

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We are delighted to present to you the second video as part of our “Guide to the Birdsong of South America” album released in 2014. This animated video for Dengue Dengue Dengue’s track Remolinera Real is a magical realism spiked spiritual journey through the Latin American psyche and one’s man’s mission to protect a bird in his dreams. The video was created by the hand of Joery Santos Gómez, an award winning director and animator currently living in Sweden.

Album Blur - 8K

We can also accompany this great news with some more great news: having reached our target we are now working towards gathering donations for a second NGO! Rhythm and Roots earlier this year donated $6,500 to the Ecuadorian NGO Fundación Jocotoco to sponsor head ranger Franco Mendoza who has been working with the endangered Jocotoco Antpitta (one of the birds featured on the album) for nearly 15 years. We are now aiming to raise over $1,500 to support Aves Argentinas’ new programme against illegal wildlife trade, something that impacts directly threatened and fragile species such as the Yellow Cardinal and the Marsh Seedeater (interpreted by Tremor and Barrio Lindo respectively on the album).

You can continue to support the album and the project via Bandcamp while we hatch plans on how to take the #Birdsong to the next level, or at least the next continent 😉

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