Label Spotlight – Error Broadcast

For our fifth Label Spotlight, we catch up with Sven Swift, co-founder of 21st century mind-melting beats label Error Broadcast. Formed in 2008, the label has since become one of the “go-to places” for fresh, exciting “beat music”, bringing together an international roster of artists stretching the boundaries of hip-hop and electronic music. EB: We started the label […]

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Label Showcase: Out Here Records

Out Here Records was set up with a simple purpose: to introduce the world to another side of African music. Since its inception, the Munich based label has promoted and showcased urban music scenes from Dakar to Cape Town which, despite being hugely popular in their native countries, have been totally overlooked outside of Africa. […]

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Latin American Netlabels

Netlabels have always existed on the periphery of the music industry, traditionally by limited to electronic or experimental music. However, over the past few years a number of Latin American netlabels, or artist collectives, have emerged, offering their music for download legally, and covering a whole host of genres and fresh sounds. I have chosen […]

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