Charles Mingus and how Cumbia met Jazz

  Cumbia has something special. It is a genre that sticks, that resonates and one that has endured for hundreds of years and travelled all over the globe. It has mixed with African influences, with electronica, with Balkan, with rock and even with boundary pushing jazz. In 1977 one of Jazz’s greatest composers Chalres Mingues released an album on Atlantic simply titled ‘Cumbia and Jazz Fusion’….

Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil – Hy Brazil Vol 4

Chico Dub has been showcasing the wealth of talent from the Brazilian underground electronic music scene for the past few years, curating Rio’s Novas Frequências festival and Sónar in São Paulo, and releasing four brilliantly diverse compilations of the best new electronic and experimental artists from the country. Each Hy Brazil departs from the same formula: 14 unreleased tracks by 14 new producers across the country….

Banda Westfalica – Acoustic Tropical Bass

You might know German label Man Recordings for their bass heavy, world club sound, shining a light on the global twists on Kuduro, Baile Funk and Tecno Brega. That’s why last year’s release from German percussion group Banda Westfalica was a bolt out of the blue. ‘Versions’ consists of six acoustic covers of the label’s dancefloor bangers interpreted by a group of German high school students from the…

Rhythm and Roots Radio – Volume 16

We are very excited to share with you the very first ever Rhythm and Roots Radio show coming to you from the newly launched Groovalizacion Radio with you host El Búho. The new monthly radio show will bring you the freshest mix of classic roots music alongside new, future tropical rhythms from across the world (with a little leaning towards Latin American music ;) ). This…

Road To Essaouira Album

British electronic music duo LV are back with another project exploring the cross over between two musical worlds – this time focussing on the mix between Morrocan Gnawa music with jazz, electronica and hip-hop. Following on from their plunge into the world of South African house, this latest project supported by Italian non-profit Original Cultures, began as a one-off live show in Bologna between LV (as Swamillion)…

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