Rhythm and Roots

Rhythm and Roots – Volume 21

With featured artists Populous.

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Matanza // Gallineta Chica

Incredibly, we reached over 3,000 Euros today on the Kickstarter. Now just 24 hours to go so still time  to support the ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America’ project! On to artist number 9 and one we… Read More

Ana Tijoux – La Bala

Ana Tijoux has become the darling of Latin American hip-hop and her third album, La Bala looks set to cement her position at the top. Tijoux first grabbed people’s attention through her grammy nominated debut album 1977 for her mix… Read More

Katakresis – Beats Santiaguinos

Katakresis is an American producer currently living in Santiago, Chile. He creates what could be loosely collected together as instrumental hip-hop. Katakresis – Straight Paraguay (Cabeza! 025) After having put together Cabeza! Netlabel’s 25th release last year, ‘Beats… Read More

Sunday Mashup #1 – Lido Pimienta meets Daniel Klaüser

I have been trying to think of a catchy name for this new mini-feature but ultimately failed and stuck with the ‘Sunday Mashup’. Simple and effective. As the title may suggest, Rhythm ‘n’ Roots will henceforth publish a… Read More

Chilean Zombie Thriller

Chilean students particpating in a novel form of protest with more than 3,000 students performing the dance moves to Thriller, representing what they see as the death of the Chilean education system. This is the latest in a… Read More

Matanza – Apolinar EP

Chilean andean-techno-shamans Matanza arrive on European shores for the first time next month playing a handful of shows and festivals. To coincide with their arrival the group have released Apolinar, a six track EP available for free download… Read More

Matanza – Chilean ‘Postmodern Folk’

Matanza are a Chilean group bringing Andean folklore into into the twenty first century. They mix traditional Latin American instrumentation like Colombian gaitas and Andean bombo drums with electronic beats and effects, drawing instant parallels to ZZK Records’… Read More

DJ Raff

DJ Raff is a Chilean DJ and producer now living in Barcelona. He produces in the Machine Drum/Glitch Mob/Lucky Me! vein of experimental hip-hop/electronica/dubstep/anything goes. There are a good handful of really great tunes available for free download… Read More