Rhythm and Roots
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Geometry, Surrealism and Endangered Birds

Get to know designer Scott Partridge

Afrographique – Charting Africa

Thanks to okayafrica for this one, which, though not strictly musical…is well worth writing about. Afrographique is a Tumblr site run by Ivan Colic, art director/information designer at the South African advertising agency Zoom Advertising. The blog focuses… Read More

Ben Newman – Illustrations

Time for another graphic interlude this time courtesy of Bristolian Illustrator Ben Newman. Monsters, masks, extinct birds and all sorts of other wonderful creations. For more of the same follow Newman’s blog and go take a peek at… Read More

Project:Mooncricle – Stroke Music

Project:Mooncircle, the Berlin based label with a genre mixing global outlook, has teamed uo with Stroke Artfair, offering a sampler to promote the forthcoming thrid edition of the ‘the world’s first and only Urban Art Expo.’ The expo,… Read More