Rhythm & Roots Mix – Volume XII

Spring is here and, as ever, the internet is awash with inspiring and foot waggling tunes from each corner of the globe. Our 12th (time flies!) Rhythm & Roots mix is a good ‘un and is chock full of tunes we are really into, all mixed together in different ways, like a big rhythmic trifle(!) In a good way, of course. Full tracklist with links to find all these musical gems follows the break.

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RnR01: El Buho – A Guide to the Birds of South America

I would like to formally introduce the first release from Rhythm ‘n’ Roots. I have been sitting on this idea for a while now, releasing the odd track with some bird samples on it, but decided this time to take it a step further. The idea behind this EP was to take samples of Amazonian bird calls as the starting block for each song and build it up around that.

Tropical Screech Owl

What better place to search for melody than in birdsong? Having said that…with Amazonian birds, their calls tend to be rather more warbling and hooting than melodic but this, of course, creates a whole different atmosphere. So…Without further ado, I present RnR01: ‘A Guide to the Birds of South America’. Listen and download for free from Bandcamp or below:

Rhythm ‘n’ Roots Volume VIII

It has been a wee while but I have put together another in the series of Rhythm ‘n’ Roots mixes shining the light on new productions and rhythms from across the world. This version revolves loosely around squigling synths, rolling rhythms and a healthy sprinkling of dembow beats. Listen for free via Mixcloud below or download here to have it all to yourself for a walk in the park, a cup of tea or as the soundtrack to a book. Tracklist and links after the jumpppp.

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